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MBST (Construction Work) - Tuen Mun

Mandatory Basic Safety Training Courses (Construction Work) approved by Labour Department, HKSARG

  • TBD
  • 屯門


Mandatory Basic Safety Training Courses (commonly known as ‘Green Card’) Duration:7.5 hours Course Content: 1. General Safety 2. Work at Height 3. Use of Personal Protective Equipment 4. Fire Safety 5. Machine Safety 6. Electricity Safety 7. Safety of Confined Spaces Operations 8. Manual Handling Operations 9. Welding Safety 10. Safety of Excavation Work 11. Miscellaneous Items Attendance rate reaches 100% and examination score reaches 60, will be issued the "Safety Card" recognized by the Labor Department, valid for 3 years. If you choose to use FPS payment or do not have an email, please contact customer service via WhatsApp at 7074 2335/7075 2337. @ Cancellation and Change Policy Students can notify us of class cancellation or time change via WhatsApp 48 hours before the class starts. The notification time will be based on the time of the WhatsApp message. If the notification is made beyond the aforementioned time, students will not be allowed to cancel or change the class, and the tuition fee will not be refunded.



學員可於開課48小時前以whatsapp通知我們取消課堂或更改時間,通知時間以whatsapp信息的時間為準。如超過上述通知時間,學員不得再取消或更改課堂時間,學費亦不會退回。 請細閱本司網站的課堂須知。


  • One Vista Summit, San Hop Lane, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong


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